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Peter's Garden Tea

With a belly full of Mr. McGregor's freshly snatched garden goods, this blend of spicy ginger and slightly sweet orange bergamot mint soothes and comforts. Enjoy this lusciously fruity, caffeine-free, herbal blend hot or over ice. Peter Rabbit makes the jump from beloved storybook character to the…



Ginger, orange bergamot mint, lemon thyme, anise hyssop, anise seeds and blackberry leaves

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Celebrate With A Cuppa Cake Gift Tea

BACK LABEL COPY: Celebrate with a Cuppa Cake Tea It�s time to celebrate YOU! And what better way than with a premium tea that is reminiscent of vanilla cake with lemon-coconut icing. This flavorful caffeine-free blend is just as amazing and spectacular as you. Cheers!

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Green rooibos, apple, lemongrass and natural lemon, vanilla and coconut flavors

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Get Hydrated® - Herb Tea for Refreshment

…water. This tea also draws on the potassium and electrolyte minerals of dates. New Zealand black currant extract and rosehips add even more antioxidants and electrolytes. Get Hydrated® was featured in Vital Juice as one of the latest healthy trends to try. Get Hydrated® tea was featured…

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organic green rooibos, hibiscus, dates, black limon, rosehips, stevia, black currant extract and natural black currant flavor

†Rooibos sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.

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Chamomile Lemon Herbal Tea Bags

Surrender to Sleep Herb Tea - Chamomile is blended with Lemon balm, linden flowers, orange blossoms, lavender flower, skullcap, passion flower, lemon juice and valerian root to produce a fragrant & soothing cup. These potent botanicals surrender a sweet & tranquil tea - delighting palate, mind &…

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Lemon balm, linden flowers, orange blossoms, chamomile, lavender flower, skullcap, passion flower and valerian root

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Decaf Earl Greyer Black Tea Bags

More of a Good Thing Tea - Our exceptional blend of this classic tea uses a superior, light liquoring leaf combined with top-grade, pure bergamot oil. Recognized as the best tasting Earl Grey available.

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Fine decaffeinated black tea and natural bergamot oil

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Organic Serenity SuperGreen Tea Bags

SUPERGREEN TEAS For thousands of years, people have sipped green tea to stay healthy. When ground into a fine powder, green tea leaves transform into matcha, and all those incredible mind-body benefits multiply. We�ve blended both premium Japanese matcha and green tea leaves with powerful herbs for…

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Organic green tea, Biodynamic® chamomile, organic lavender, organic holy basil, organic green tea matcha. Other Ingredients: Organic vanilla flavor and natural honey flavor.

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Natural Hibiscus Tea Bags

Ruby red hibiscus shines brightly in this evocatively fruity herbal tea from Nigeria. Sip the pure effervescence of hibiscus. Its crisp, bold juiciness stands out hot or iced. Evokes the thought of a perfect summer day in the tropics.

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Hibiscus (flower), sweet blackberry (leaf), stevia (leaf)

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Get Clean® Stackable Tea Tin

…bloated? This two week supply of gentle herbal teas can be used alone or in conjunction with a cleansing program to help the body get back into balance.* These teas can all be enjoyed hot or iced. Wake Up and Get Clean Get Clean AM Tea: Morning herbal tea with cucumber and dandelion leaves reputed…

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Get Clean AM Tea: Spearmint leaves, lemon verbena, organic cucumber, dandelion leaves, organic gotu kola leaves and natural lemon and cucumber flavors


Get Clean All Day Tea: Organic rooibos, milk thistle, Indian sarsaparilla, dandelion root, chicory root, burdock root, red clover and natural vanilla and almond flavors


Get Clean PM Tea: Organic Amla berries, organic ginger root, organic hibiscus flowers, organic cinnamon, monk fruit (Luo Han Guo), organic schizandra berries, natural apple flavor


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Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea Bags

…captivating, organic golden infusion. Clean green tea adds a freshness and body to the cup. Partake in the ancient wisdom of the far east with each savory sip. Spiced Turmeric Ginger Tea • 1 cup water • 1 Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea Bag • 1 inch orange peel, no white pith…

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organic turmeric, organic green tea, organic ginger, organic cinnamon and natural honey flavor

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Hibiscus Watermelon Tea Bags

Sweet-tart premium Nigerian hibiscus blossoms infuse a flavor reminiscent of berry and bright citrus. Combined with the cool taste of ripe watermelon, this well-balanced, caffeine-free herb tea makes a perfect splash of refreshment.

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Hibiscus, apple, rosehips, stevia, sweet blackberry leaves, melon flavoring

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Organic Goji Berry Green Superfruit Tea Bags

…nutritional properties. We have married real, organic fruit with fine China green tea, giving you a well-balanced cup and a multitude of benefits in the convenience of a round, natural tea bag. Organic Tea with Goji Goodness The goji berry, also known as wolfberry, has been revered for generations…

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Organic green tea, organic hibiscus, natural flavor, organic elderberries and organic goji juice

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Holiday Stackable Tea Tin

…experience three of our seasonal favorites: Dream by The Fire Herb Tea Comfort and Joy Black Tea Peppermint Bark Tea Herb Tea This limited edition tin features three separate compartments, each containing 12 round natural, unbleached tea bags. As featured in Consumer Reports Shop Smart Gift Guide,…

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