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Organic Strawberry Basil Green Tea Bags

This organic, farmers' market-inspired iced green tea combines sun-ripened strawberries and fresh basil. Basil provides an herbal accent to subtly sweet berries for a sophisticated summer sip. This tea is only available in refill packaging. Each refill includes 50 round, single serving tea bags. It…

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Organic green tea, organic apple, organic sweet blackberry leaves, organic basil, organic lemon balm, natural strawberry flavor and organic strawberry bits

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Organic Double Dark® Chocolate Mate

As featured in Woman's World Hot Trends. Dynamic Duo - It's a match made in heaven: organic, roasted Yerba Maté blended with organic dark cocoa powder in a guilt-free, full-bodied dessert tea. All with less than 5 calories per cup.

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Organic roasted carob, organic roasted yerba mate, organic natural dark chocolate flavors, organic natural cocoa, natural cocoa flavor, organic natural chocolate extract and organic chicory

Organic Dancing Leaves Green Tea Bags

Certified Organic China Green Tea. Highest quality leaves from the birthplace of tea create a nutty yet distant sweetness with an emerald hue. Take enjoyment of distant sweetness of this fresh, bright cup.

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Organically grown China green tea

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Organic 100% Double Green® Matcha Tea Bags

…We've married the exquisite organic green tea powder known as matcha with fine, organic green leaf tea. We invite you to sip the fresh, springtime-grassy flavor of this tea. This tea's smooth character makes it a good partner with sweet or savory foods. Organic Double Green Matcha Tea was featured…

(173 reviews)



Fine 100% organic China green tea and organic stone-ground Japanese tencha leaves

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get dandelion - No. 20
Organic Herb Tea for Rejuvenation

…to cleanse the palate as well as the digestive system.* A bit of orange and spice finishes this organic, chai-inspired tea blend. So sip this caffeine-free cup daily and weed out the bad stuff. Organic Red Rooibos � The Wonder Herb of South Africa Full-bodied and aromatic, caffeine-free red rooibos…



Organic dandelion leaf, organic red rooibos, organic cinnamon, organic orange peel, organic ginger, natural chai spice flavor and organic dandelion root

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Organic Dandelion SuperHerb® Tea Bags

…back to the 10th century when Arabian physicians revered the root for its cleansing properties and as a natural aid for digestion.* This certified organic Dandelion SuperHerb® Tea blends the roasted root with a touch of French vanilla, making each full-bodied cup a nice alternative to coffee.…

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Organic roasted dandelion root, organic ground roasted dandelion root, organic vanilla flavor and natural flavor

Organic Elderberry Red Tea Bags

…for its healing benefits, the versatile elderberry has a long history in popular folklore. Used to make wine and flavor foods, the magical elderberry has been referred to in music and poetry for generations. We�ve blended them with an organic red rooibos base for a double dose of delicious defense.

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Organic rooibos, organic hibiscus, organic elderberries, organic elderberry flavor, natural concord grape flavor

Organic Brain Boost SuperGreen Tea Bags

…multiply. We�ve blended both premium Japanese matcha and green tea leaves with powerful herbs for a healthy, flavorful, smooth-tasting infusion. Organic Tea for Cognitive Health* Feeling foggy? Each sip of this tea is like bright sunshine to clear up your mind. Studies have shown that key compounds…

(8 reviews)



Organic green tea, organic ginkgo, organic green tea matcha, ginkgo extract. Other Ingredients: Natural black currant flavor and natural honey flavor. CONTAINS TREE NUTS.

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get smart® - No.16 Herb Tea for Memory/Focus

…learn something new every day, and sip this caffeine-free herbal tea. Think of it as an antioxidant boost for your noggin. Based on healthful organic rooibos with cranberry and orange peel, it's a brilliant blend of rosemary with ginkgo, eleuthero and gotu kola, ayurvedic herbs said to help improve…

(13 reviews)



Organic Rooibos (leaf), Eleuthero (root), Cranberry (fruit), Gotu Kola (leaf), Rosemary (leaf), Hibiscus (flower), Ginkgo (leaf) Orange (peel), Rosehips, Chicory (root). Other Ingredients: Natural Cranberry Orange Flavor

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Cedarberg Organic Red Full-Leaf Tea

Naturally caffeine free. With Cedarberg Organic, experience rooibos in its pure form. The brew is straight from the bush, with distinctive red needles and a clean scent. The cup is smooth, mellow, well balanced and delicious.

(4 reviews)



Certified Organic rooibos

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Jerry Cherry Black Tea Bags

We're pleased to reintroduce this previously retired Limited Edition favorite. This playful black tea is blended with the essence of ripe Bing cherries and the sweet notes of vanilla. The duo of fun flavors will dance in your mouth and just might bring a smile to your lips. This release is available…

(89 reviews)



Organic Black Tea from India, natural cherry and vanilla flavors.

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Organic Turmeric Matcha

This tea is also included as part of our Organic Turmeric Stackable Tea Tin. Turmeric Matcha: Organic Tea For Flexibility* Turmeric, ginger and green tea have been reputed to support the body�s response to inflammation so joints, ligaments and muscles can stretch more fully.* Matcha lends a smooth…

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Organic turmeric, organic green tea, organic ginger, organic coconut flavor, organic matcha, organic black pepper

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