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Hibiscus Tea Assortment

…hibiscus flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is a tropical marvel with many health benefits. Our caffeine-free, premium hibiscus steeps a deep crimson cup. It hails from Nigeria where hibiscus tea is known to help cool the body in hot weather.* Hibiscus can also help in maintaining healthy blood pressure…

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Cuppa Chocolate Tea® Assortment

…assortment of four zero calorie and one low calorie chocolate herb teas. Each has low to no caffeine As featured in Woman's World, "Warm up with a cup of chocolate tea." Each Cuppa Chocolate Assortment includes 24 individually wrapped tea bags: 5 - Red Velvet Chocolate 5 - Coconut Cocoa 5 -…

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Ginger Peach Black Tea Bags

…Trade. Candied Ginger Peach Punch• ¼ cup water • 2 Ginger Peach Black Tea Bags • 1 Tbs. Agave Nectar • ¼ cup peach nectar (may substitute with apple juice, if needed) • 2 Tbs. lemon juice • ½ cup ginger ale • Peach Slices, for garnish…

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Fine black tea, natural peach flavor and ginger

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Glass Tea Cup And Infuser

Sip in style with this handled 11.8 oz glass tea cup featuring a stainless steel lid and infuser. Made of borosilicate glass, which makes it resistant to cracks and breaks.


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Downton Abbey® Lady Cora's Evening Tea

…caffeine-free blend of chamomile and lemon balm will calm the mind and body. Relaxing botanicals create a cup of tranquility that helps ease the nerves. Nice before bedtime when a soothing cup is a welcome friend. The award-winning TV series, Downton Abbey® has entranced millions of viewers and…

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Lemon balm, linden flower, orange blossoms, chamomile, lavender flower, skullcap, passion flower and valerian root

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Spring Blossom Tea Cups

These small, pastel tea cups dotted with apple blossoms offer a quaint tea party setting. • 5 oz • Handleless design. Tea cups retain heat and can be warm when filled with hot water. • Made in Japan

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All Day Breakfast Full-Leaf

A superb, concentrated character, reminiscent of the depth and clarity of a fine Bordeaux. A touch of Formosan oolong adds a hint of smokiness to this sweet cup.

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Finest Chinese Keemun and Silver-tip Formosan oolong tea leaves

Coconut Cocoa Cuppa Chocolate Tea Bags

The Cup of Dessert Herb Tea - A rich, exotic taste of this herbal infusion combines coconut, chocolate and caramel malted barley to produce a thick, naturally sweet, tropical cup. The delicious taste of both cocoa and carob belies their nutritional value. Enjoy at any latitude as a warming,…

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Roasted carob, caramel malted barley, roasted chicory, dates, coconut flavor, cocoa powder and chocolate flavor

Lucky Irish Breakfast Tea Bags

Deep, Dark, Delightful. A traditional blend of Assam (India) and high-grown Ceylon (Sri Lanka) leaves. This hearty brew has a malty character, brisk finish and a rich color. Sure to lift the fog of a cloudy mind. Enjoy with a splash of milk for a cup that satisfies well beyond breakfast.

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Fine Assam and Ceylon black tea leaves

Red Velvet Cuppa Chocolate Tea Bags

…healthy, caffeine-free infusion. Rooibos is blended with chocolate and beet root bits to taste just like the classic red velvet cake. The perfect cup to accompany birthdays and other celebrations. Red Velvet Cuppa Chocolate Tea was featured on NBC Today Show as one of the top 10 Skinny Foods all…

(128 reviews)



rooibos, beetroot bits, sweet blackberry leaves, chocolate & vanilla flavoring

Organic Green Tea with Lemon and Honey Tea Bags

The sunny citrus flavor of lemon mingles with the crisp, fresh taste of certified organic China green tea to create an invigorating cup. A healthful way to sip all day.

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Organic China green tea, natural honey and organic lemon flavor

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Sip and Be Merry Holiday Gift Tea

…Sign up for our emails to be the first to know when it returns! Sip and Be Merry Have yourself a merry little cup of tea with this robust blend of silky caramel, creamy vanilla, aromatic cardamom and premium black tea. Add a splash of milk to create a cup of festive crème brûlée!

(11 reviews)

Black tea, sweet blackberry leaves, natural caramel and vanilla flavors and cardamom seeds

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There were no products that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.
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